Tyler M, November 24th, 2009

Company News

Shotwell Company Web Site Launched

After nearly 10 months of discussions, coffees, planning, beers, long distance charges, design, technical specifications, team disagreements and –finally– team agreement, we peel back the curtain on the new http://www.shotwellcompany.com website.

A very special thanks to Liz for pulling us through the mud of decision-making; it can be a difficult process to build a site for your own company, when it is exactly that which you do for others. It is a self-portrait of sorts, one that benefits greatly from the input of others. Liz has proven to be a great asset to our design and development process since joining the team earlier this year and her input and long hours building ShotwellCompany.com are much appreciated.

Currently we would like to introduce you to our About pages and the services we offer, our blog – titled Blogwell, and most importantly our portfolio pages in which we invite you to discover the depth and breadth of our experience building websites. It also acts as our tip-of-the-hat and a big “THANKS” to our wonderful clients who are really some of the best clients out there and the foundation of our business.

We’ve built a business of referred clientele and it’s been great to get those referrals (if you know someone else who is looking for help with their Web efforts - please make an introduction!). Going forward we’d like to be able to show you more of what we’ve done, who we work with and what we’re currently into, and that’s really what this site is about. Ultimately we think it will bring in more business by giving the Inter-webs a better insight into The Shotwell Company.

This blog is also here for you to give us feedback on our thoughts - so what do you think of what we’ve done here? Use the comment form below (and feel free to contact us from here or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)).