Project Detail: Cisco WebEx: Pass the Ball

Cisco WebEx: Pass the Ball

Another collaboration with the Citizen Group, and a nice high-profile project, which was the subject of a giant, international advertising campaign, to boot. Pass the Ball is a Cisco/WebEx initiative, dedicated to the notion that “ideas get better when you pass them around,” or in this case, when you share them online, talk about them online, or listen to them online. Makes sense, coming from a company that provides the tools to collaborate online, doesn’t it?

And if you’re Cisco, you’ve got the pull to attract some recognizable names. Pass the Ball is like TED Talks, only without the impossible-to-get-on guest list. The audience here, is you. Create your profile and join a meeting live with Richard Branson, Alice Waters, the White House, Teachers Without Borders ...  or just contribute your own idea.

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