Shotwell has developed specific internal processes to ensure each project is a success. Building upon different philosophies and methodologies, particularly Agile/Extreme concepts, the following outlines the Shotwell implementation process:

1: Discovery

We determine a detailed project schedule with all tasks from start to finish, sign documents, meet in person or virtually, introduce each stakeholder and the design and development team.

We begin to brainstorm, collect ideas and conceptualize. We walk through a thorough discovery process to investigate and collaborate on finding your story. The end result is a project that is unique, manageable and understood by everyone.

Establish goals/objectives

Introduce and meet stakeholders

Set metrics for success

Verify deadlines

Agree to a budget or fee schedule

Examine existing Resources/materials

2: Planning

Develop Sitemap, based on approved Home page concept (one round of revisions, as determined in consultation).

Draw Wireframes for all key pages on the site (one round of revisions, as determined in consultation) Present two alternate concepts for a home page, one of which shall become the basis for the new website, after a maximum of two rounds of revisions, as determined in consultation.

Have kickoff meeting

Set definitive milestone schedule

Develop a rough sitemap

Procure project software

Confirm final scope of the project

3: Creative

Present two sets of design comps, consisting of the design for a new home page and one sample content for page each. Both designs will conform with guidelines, but will represent two different directions for the look and feel of the site.

Based on the client’s response to these designs, develop one final set of design comps for client approval, to which one round of edits and revisions will be made as requested.

Upon approval of the final design, create additional comps for all page templates to be used in the final website, as mapped in wireframes. Make one round of edits and revisions to these design comps as requested.

Develop product/brand messaging and identity

Create and design logo

Build wireframes showing content layout

Design homepage and key pages

Revise designs with client

Finalize and confirm site designs

4: Build

Install software, development environments and prepare project “stories” for development team.

Build functional alpha versions of homepage and main subpages based on accepted design.

Present functional alpha version of site to client for final design-related feedback. Review functionality and implement changes requested.

Finish technical specifications

Set up server, developer and production environments

Elaborate specifications into “stories”

Architect database

Build and iterate

5: Deploy

The purpose of this phase is to pilot the new website. We will also recommend conducting your own internal feedback session with friends, family and potential customers.

Multi-stage quality assurance testing

Beta launch for client approval

Coordinate launch between all teams

Launch! (any Monday through Wednesday)

6: Review

Launch & Support

Review any organizational, marketing and publicity requirements for launch Monitoring of server post launch and tweaking as necessary

Set analytics/metrics/funnels

Review marketing plan

Establish SEO tracking on keywords

Confirm maintenance schedule

Review project / post partum