Project Detail: Migration Linkages

Migration Linkages

Migration Linkages is a BSR (Business For Social Responsibility) initiative, to which we have have been proud to contribute. Its goals are to protect the rights of migrant workers, to build transparency around the global migration system, and to advance responsible business practices. Here’s a good article about it.

The Migration Linkages Web site is the information hub at the center of this effort with an events calendar, a blog, information to help connect the key stakeholders (multinational companies, their suppliers, civil society, international organizations, labor unions, governments), and a resource library. The latter, in particular, relies heavily on tag browsing, which we supercharged by building a slick AJAX’ey interface that is a pleasure to use.


Project Features

  • Percentage of business leaders, who believe that migrant workers provide competitive advantages in the global economy: 71

  • Designed and built in-house by the Shotwell team