Project Detail: Mezzetta


Another collaboration with the Citizen Group, and possibly our most mouth-watering one to date. If you are like us, you pick your pickled peppers not by the peck, but by the convenient 16 oz jar. Ditto for olives, spreads, sauces, artichoke hearts and all.

But where do you go to search for recipes that use these delicious goodies? Or to see tips for mixing martinis and packing the perfect picnic (not necessarily in that order)?, that's where.

We integrated Mezzetta's existing Miva e-commerce system into a beautiful, custom-built ExpressionEngine site with recipes, tips, product descriptions, company information, testimonials -- all related to one another in a way that your cravings will multiply as you move from page to page. We built an intelligent search system (with auto complete and optimized for relevance) whereby users can find anything from appetizers to desserts, plus preparation instructions with quick links to purchase the key ingredients. Social media sharing and commenting included.


What We Did

  • HTML/CSS Development
  • ExpressionEngine Integration
  • Javascript
  • SEO
  • Miva e-commerce integration