Project Detail: Get in Front

Get in Front

The Cancer Prevention Institute of California is the state’s, “leading independent, population-based research organization, [dedicated to] preventing cancer and reducing its burden where it cannot yet be prevented.” Its “Get In Front” campaign aims to build a grass roots movement in support of the organization’s mission, by inspiring individuals to donate money and to speak out for accelerated progress in the search for a cure.

The Get In Front website was another collaboration with the Citizen Group, to whom we owe a debt of gratitude for handing us an incredibly fun project, despite the serious subject matter. Lots of interactive features to build (tweet this, post your message here, share, network, post, donate), and best of all: a Thank You video to donors, which we made user-customizable (yup, your face in a movie).

When’s the last time you saw yourself honored on film? Go to the site, donate a few dollars, and bask in the glory.


Project Features

  • User-personalizable Flash video
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Donation Engine
  • Grass Roots Activism
  • Inspiration

  • Design, Video: Citizen Group