Project Detail: Distill


If you spend any time at all in the Bay Area, you've seen the "I Fly Oak" campaign our friends at Distill cooked up. They've somehow transformed the airport in Oakland into a truly hip destination.  And speaking of hip: has anyone noticed the metamorphosis taking place in and around that big, blank "Continentel Graphics" building on La Brea Avenue (I am talking to you, Los Angeles)? All of a sudden District La Brea is Hollywood's most happening and up-and-coming retail district: brand and retail experience braught to you by the creative force that is Distill.

These guys put visionary into wow-factor (or is that the other way around?), and their website has to reflect it. Check out what we built for them: a site with a flexible layout that adjusts to your whims and clicks, and to the device you are using. No need to click the Next Page button because it loads more content the farther you scroll down. We're using media queries to achieve a responsive design that morphs itself to fit the device you've got: minimally concise on the phone, complete and swipable on the tablet, and fully fleshed out on the computer screen. Easily content manageable, of course.


What We Did

  • HTML/CSS Development
  • ExpressionEngine Integration
  • Javascript
  • SEO
  • Dynamic Layout /Media Queries