Project Detail: Citizen Group

Citizen Group

The Citizen Group is composed of “an experienced and eclectic mix of talent that ranges from advertising & advocacy, to interactive design & social media. Three senior partners, with fifty years of collective marketing experience working with Fortune 500 brands, start-ups, and innovative nonprofits, anchor Citizen.” In other words: here is a team of drop-dead pros who work on big and important projects for top-notch clients (just look at the list: the United Nations and Amnesty International are on it, for heaven’s sake). Citizen’s website is its calling card, its portfolio, its shop window—the first and last stop for anyone doing due diligence, before signing Citizen to run their communications strategy. No margin for imperfection on this site.

We built it at the beginning of 2010, right before Citizen made us their de facto interactive department. So we think they liked the work we did.


Project Features

  • Portfolio
  • Blog / Newsfeed
  • Audio / Video

What We Did

  • HTML/CSS Development
  • ExpressionEngine Integration
  • SEO