Project Detail: 100% Cork

100% Cork

Attention drinkers! Those fake “corks” you are pulling out of ever more wine bottles are not only cheap-ass, they’re our demise. And don’t even get us started on (gasp!) twist-off caps. As it turns out, natural cork is sustainably harvested, preserves old-growth forests, preserves a centuries-old way of life, and absorbs greenhouse gases. The artificial stuff, on the other hand, consumes fossil fuels, requires at least five times the energy to be produced, and ends up in landfills and oceans. Yuck.

Now the cork producers are fighting back. Expect to hear about this more, as their international PR and communications efforts ramp up. In the US, the Citizen Group is the creative agency getting the message out, and they asked us to build the Web site at the heart of the campaign. Check out the viral videos, cork-related news, a media gallery, and more. You can also pledge not to buy wines that use artificial stoppers, and (coming soon!) we’re bringing you the authoritative database of wines that do and don’t use cork (online and mobile). So you’ll have no more excuses when you make your buying decisions.


Project Features

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  • Design and Videos: Citizen Group