Project Detail: Memorial Care 2005

Memorial Care 2005

How do we beat last year’s interactive annual report for sheer wow-factor and ability to present potentially dry data in the most compelling context? This audio-visual “book” features streaming videos, shot specifically for Memorial Care Medical Centers’ 2005 Annual Report, and places them inside virtual “pages” intended to resemble its print counterpart. The entire piece was included as a digital “supplement” to the printed piece. The project was our second collaboration with The Next Level Marketing, after the overwhelmingly positive response from both the client and the client’s stakeholders to the previous year’s digital annual report. Click here to check it out.


Project Features

  • Flash

  • Audio
  • Video

What We Did

  • HTML/CSS Development
  • Flash Design
  • Design: Marc Katzschner with The Next Level
  • Flash: Marc Katzschner