Project Detail: Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Sometimes, our love for beautiful design and our desire to provide cost-effective solutions trump our fondness for building full-blown, ExpressionEngine enabled, deeply customized online experiences from scratch. When our friends at Hughesumbanhowar needed a new site to showcase their work, they turned us on to the Cargo Collective. The what!?  A simple do-it-yourself portfolio-making tool, “where everything is built around the work shared by its members.” That’s what. And it is sweet.

Would we help Hughesumbanhowar create and implement their Cargo Collective site, and make a few customizations? “Sure,” we said, "we’ve got smart people here. They’ll master the platform in no time at all!" We did. And now everyone here wants a Cargo site of their own.

Check out theirs, and then head over to to start building your own. Call us if you need some help or some customizations.


Project Features

  • Cargo Collective
  • CSS, JS, and HTML Customization
  • SEO

  • Cargo Collective