Tyler M, May 7th, 2010

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Socialee and Facebook OAuth2.0

According to Facebook’s recent announcement that it will be moving to support OAuth2.0 means a few things for our Socialee-using Facebook for ExpressionEngine users.

Oh wait, no it doesn’t. It does mean RPX needs to adapt to it though! Luckily we’re already using middlemen to cross that barrier. That means that we don’t have to do anything to our code to keep everything working smoothly.  Following their announcment of support to RPX users, JanRain further publicized their schedule for compatability today in an email:

Important Dates

May 10 – Migration to OAuth 2.0 protocol complete
May 24 – Communication from JanRain on configuring Facebook Extended Permissions in RPX
June 1 – RPX support for Facebook Extended Permissions

Let’s all breath easy and know that we’re all set for the new frontiers of the social web and EE. On May 24 we may get to do some configuring, but it should all keep working.