Tyler M, April 8th, 2010

TechWeb Development

Multiple Wimpy buttons playing one at a time.

Wimpy buttons are a great way to embed mp3s into your web page.

Until you have more than one on that single page. Then you end up with a cacophony of sounds as your user clicks multiple songs/sounds in a row as they play over eachother simultaneously. Horrible.

Even more horrible is that the Wimpy support and docs site uses frames! Unbelievable, I know. In this day and age eh? That means that people looking for help to delineate their wimpy buttons for their users is SOL when they go googling for information on it. So! I present to you the direct links to the individual frames that show how to beat this wimpy problem.

Go here for their third example where they’ve actually implemented one-at-a-time wimpy players:

And here is how to implement the wimpy players in JS:

Finally, this is where to find the JS bridge that gets you there:

Hope that helps someone else!